Common Isn't Always Normal:Is Your Diet Too Extreme?

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Often times when people hear about my lifestyle they rush to judge me and say “That is way too extreme”. They do not approve or in my opinion they do not understand why I eat the way I do. They always try to answer me back with the pick up line “after all you should enjoy life, it is way too short, that is why you should let yourself eat more junk food every now and then!”

I have friends who often accuse me that my eating is not healthy, because I eat a diet high in fats, a diet that doesn’t consist of any grains or any junk food. They think that if these foods exist, then there is nothing wrong with eating them.

Truth is that the common knowledge isn’t always the right or the normal thing. Just because more people are getting obese, that doesn’t mean it is normal. Just because more people are becoming inactive, that doesn’t make it normal! Just because more people stop reading and educating themselves, that doesn’t make it normal! Do you get my point? Thus, just because most people are eating a diet full of crap, that doesn’t make it normal, and doesn’t make my diet extreme!

I won’t get deeper with the studies and show you why you should give up your crappy diet right now, and begin a lifestyle change, but I will just say that people evolved eating meat,nuts,seeds,vegetables and fruits for more than 2.5 million years, and modern foods have been introduced in our diet for the past 120,00 years. I know that this looks like a long period to you, but in terms of evolution it means nothing. Our genes are adapted to us eating more  meat, nuts,vegetables, not grains and junk food!

Let me ask you something? If my diet is extreme and yours isn’t, why am I the one that is healthy, fit and happy and you are the one, that is always complaining, searching for the newest weight loss secret, the latest medicine ?

Let’s look it that way! If we take a 50 meters swimming pool, and let’s say we swim 40 meters and have 10 more to go, in a matter of evolution, the 40meters will represent the time we evolved eating real food- meat,nuts,vegetables,seeds,fruits and the 10 meters will represent the time we’ve been eating the modern foods- bread, pasta, junk food and etc. If we go back to the swimming pool example, which one do you think, contributed more to reaching from one point of the pool to the other? I guess the 40 meters swim has much bigger contribution!

So if we look at things as they actually are my diet is normal and yours is extreme! At least that is what your body is trying to tell you! All the sickness, mood changes, different diseases, feeling tired are just your body’s way to signal you that the food you are giving to it, is only harming it! It is a signal that you should change something!

What is it that is making you resist the change so much? What are you afraid of? Afraid that you will lose your personality, your social life, your happiness? Well, none of this depends on food. If you eat healthy you will actually find other ways to have fun, you will get to experience the other, more profound side of life!

What is your oppinion? What do you think about healthy and the common knowledge?

  • Richard Csosza


    Ines is right! :) I have been doing paleo diet for a year and I can say I feel much better. Of course,I tried to eat in a healthy way before paleo because I have been doing sports since my age 6 and the main thing is I hate the taste of junk food,pasta,etc. Anyway, the gluten in rice,pasta,wheat,etc makes you tired, cause lots of digestive and health problems. This is natural. Imagine what unnatural things can do inside your body for example cola, preserves, coloring stuff, etc.

    “we should enjoy life and eat tasty but crap food” Maybe. But never forget even if we die at the same age we (extreme people,strangers) will be healthier. People who eat crap but very very tasty food suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, they are overweighted, have joint problem, cancer, inflammation in their body, etc. Maybe healthy eaters will suffer from these at their age 90 but definately not from age 30 to grave.

    My girlfriend and I eat the same way and she is so happy we met and cook the same way because most of her friends look at her like an alien. :) :) My friends only ask “then what do you eat?”.

    As a trainer I can say people cannot imagine they can survive only on healthy food and why? Because of the advertisments. I have never ever seen ads about vegetables, healthy food or ads that makes you live healthier. Only ads about magic diets, “only 5 mins a day workout and you have the abs like his!”….Come on people! Wake up! All these things are bullshit. :)

    Sooooo people enjoy outdoors, get rid of crap food.

    • Ines Subashka

      Thanks for the great comment Richard! I totally agree! Food is not something to fill your free time with, it is something to fuel your body! :) As somebody said ” You can enjoy having diabetes and all kind of diseases or you can suffer being healthy!” :)