Do You Still Believe These Lies?


“I don’t work out, because I have kids.”

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Are you sure that this is the reason you are not working out? Or you are just using your kids as an excuse, so you could feel better about yourself?

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“I can’t get in shape, because I am too old. Old people can’t work out!”

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Yea, right! Old people CAN work out. They are actually the once that would benefit the most of working out and not sitting on the couch all day long! Do me a favor! Go to, type “old people working out”. Find out how others do it, leave your excuses at home, and get yourself out of the house, and get some work done!

I am too busy! I don’t have time!”

Come on! That is really LAME! We all have 24 hours in a day! It is up to you how you use them! Besides that,haven’t you heard about TABATA?

“I want to get in shape, but I don’t know what to do.”

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Seriously? Neither did I or some of the best coaches in the world. But guess what? When you don’t know something, you learn! And you learn, through trying,experimenting,making mistakes, reading,asking and so forth! So start out by checking some articles on my website and then check out this article.

“I am already skinny, I don’t need to work out!”

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Really? Sorry for hurting your feelings but you are skinny fat! And besides that exercising is not just a way to lose weight. It is something to make you healthier and better. I bet that you have multiple muscle imbalances, that your back is killing you, your knees hurt from climbing the stairs and you can’t pick up your own groceries! Aren’t those enough reasons for you to start working out?

So are we gonna work out today?

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