Favorite Reads of the Week: 07/21/12

Gabriela Subashka

It is the end of the week! It is time to read some great stuff! So prepare a healthy breakfast, then get busy reading some helpful articles and later on go out for a walk! Have a wonderful, healthy and active weekend! That is what my weekend is gonna be like, so I wish the same for you! :)

First, the articles on Inspired Fit Strong in case you missed something:

Build a Body That Matters

My Personal Confession: The Hunger of My Soul and Emotional Eating

What Would I Tell a Younger Myself

How to Avoid Humiliation and Start Doing REAL Pull Ups

Interview with Zach Moore: The Life Where Limitations Don’t Exists

Breakfast Casserole

And here are my favorite reads of the week:

Where Do You Find Your Inspiration

Intermittent Fasting: Why and How Food

Overcome Love Lost

Importance of the Butt a MUST READ

Five Years Later

12 Health and Fitness Blogs You Should be Reading

Empower Yourself Ladies: Use a Barbell

Lauren’s Victory over Eating Disorder

Ego the False Center

Handling Criticism

Fixing the Bird Neck Syndrome

6 Years, 60 Pounds, 6 Lessons

Too Old for Weight Worries:Eating Disorders are Common Among Women over 50

Sleep Well for Optimal Performance and Recovery

You Should Date a Girl Who Reads

The One Day Mentality

Mythology and Superheroes

The Truth about Protein

A Permanent Reminder of My Own Transformation

The Enemy

What Comes First: Hard Work or Fun

It’s Not Mobility

Girl Power

July Mental Toughness

50 Ways to Keep up with 50 Shades

Yolks Needs

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary.

How to Ease into a Grain Free Diet Painlessly, Well Almost

The Gluten Thyroid Connection

Breathe Avoid McDonald’s

Landmine Reverse Lunges

Ancient Wisdom Confirmed by Modern Science

How Did We Come to Believe Saturated Fat and Cholesterol are Bad for Us

Burn It Down to Make It Grow

Coming to America Pizza Vending Machines

Statins and Diabetes

Easy Pizza Crust

New Book Real Food Fermentation

Hormone Cascade

Did you like my favorite reads? Share yours with me! You know I love reading!

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