Favorite Reads of the Week: 06/16/12

Ines Subashka

Ines Subashka

It’s time for my favorite reads of the week. I’ve head a really busy week, and I am ashamed that I didn’t read as much as I wished, but I still have some really great articles for you! I didn’t update my workouts this week, but I promise I will do my best to update them the coming week!

In the meantime, just check the great articles on the list below, eat clean, move more and love yourself! Have a great weekend! :)

First, the articles on Inspired Fit Strong for the past week:

Interview with Marianne Kane from MyoMyTv

Q&A: Myths About Low-Carb, High-Fat Diets DEBUNKED!

How Come That Idiot Is Successful and I’m Not?

What Causes Knee Pain, Adductor Trigger Points and IT Band Syndrome

Short Term Goals Lead to Short Term Results

Strawberry Smoothie

And now it is time for my favorite reads:

How to Build Muscle: The Ultimate Muscle Building Guide for Beginners

Hip Drive in the Squat

Think the Best

12 Tips to Tune the Nervous System

How to Memorize a Deck of Cards

Best Standing Desks

Under the Bar Spine and Balls

Tighten Up the Bar, Lifter Will Repeat

Paleo Fail 4 Mistakes

9 Habits Helped Me Maintain an 80 Pound Weight Loss for 12 Years

Shoulder to Overhead

Wheelchair Bodybuilding

24 Hour Fail

You Need to Eat More

Beautiful Badass Profile: Lori Lindsey

I Don’t Claim to be Anyone Special

My Very Personal Transformation – What Motivated ME to Finally Lose the Weight


Sleepy Brains Drawn to Junk Food

Enjoy a Diet with Fat and Protein to Get Lean, Eat Fat Rather than Carbs for Better Health

What Would Roman Do

No One Cares about Your Problems

Paleo Experiment Blackout

Paleo Cholesterol Testing

Macronutrient Breakdown Part 1

Crossfit for Women

5 Reasons Tight Hamstrings Strain

6 Weeks Out Part 1

Suicide Notes

Grilled Eggs with Mexican Chorizo

Relieve Your Knees

Exercise Freaks Ruining Workplace

Office Workers Run Amok

Strength Trumps Cardio

My Struggle

Ten Business and Life Lessons

The Non- Athletic Crossfitter

Only One Body 2

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