Favorite Reads of the Week: 04/07/12

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It is the end of the week. Spring is here and the weather is getting better! That means more opportunities to spend time outdoors! Make sure to take a walk during the weekend and eat clean! Stay away from junk food! Meanwhile take some time to read the great articles listed below- you won’t be sorry!

First, the articles on Inspired Fit Strong:

The Loser in the Gym… the Hero in Life

Why You Are Not Losing Weight?

When Healthy Eating Goes Wrong

Why Do You Have Knee Pain and How to Fix It?

Interview with Jenna Scott: The Beauty in Crossfit

Paleo Biscuits with Almonds

And now the best reads of this week:

Darkside Strength Day 1&2

Thyrotoxins: Soy Hormonal Contraceptives

Intermittent Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting

One Secret Diet

What I learned from Gaining 22lbs in 2 Months

Life Decisions

Fab Fit Food

Nutrition Depression

Friday Night Food Rewards

Which Actually Makes You Happier: Home Cooked Healthy Food or Indugence

Pulled Hamstring

A Brief Discussion on the Pros and Cons of Olympic Weightlifting

Back To The Bottom: Squat Stance In The Snatch And Clean

I Have to Get in Shape Before I start

Cheat Meal Rules that Increase Metabolism

How to be Unforgettable

Strong is the New Strong

McDonald’s Stock Slides as More Consumers Turn to Food

Why Not Train Through Pain

Breaking It Off

Roaring Back: Vince Shimp

Case Against Cardio


Victoria’s Secret Angels Without Photoshop

Scenes from Suwanee: Linda Moore transforms herself through CrossFit

Get Adequate Vitamin D to Boost Athletic Performance and Muscle Strength

Top Tips for Crossfit Newbie Success

23 Random Muscle Strength Building Tips

Recovery: Athletes vs Average Joe

Feel the Burn

Air Water Amino Acids

The Myth of the Student Athlete

Why I won’t Write for Fitness Magazines

15 Things You Should Give up in order to be Happy

Our Brains On Food: From Anorexia To Obesity And Everything In Between

Perception and Peak Performance

Awesome Fitness Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure

Motivational Youtube Videos

Don’t forget to share with me your favorite reads of the week! You know I love reading!

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