Favorite Reads of the Week: 03/24/12

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Hey everybody! It is the end of the week. I know that th weather is getting better, but that doesn’t mean ditching off reading! That’s why I have some more great articles to offer you this week! Check them out! You will be pleased as always!

First, the articles on Inspired Fit Strong for this week, in case you missed something:

Paleo Appetizer

Are Athletes Dumber Than the Rest of Us?

Is Your Approach to Healthy Eating Right?

10 Photos to Get You Through Today

Does Your Diet Fail on the Weekend? Check out Why!

From Fat to Fit: Based on a True Story

And now the best reads for the week:

What You Know, What You Don’t Know and Hypertrophy

Framework Matters

How to Warm Up

The Dieters Paradox

Banana Vending Machine

Every Rep Counts or Does It?

Learn About Food: Nutrition Facts

Do What You Hate

Paleo vs Zone: Part 1

One Simple Strategy Could Help Us Resist Temptation

What Reading That White Rice and Diabetes Study Actually Told Me

Deep Full Range Squats Are Better Than Partial Squats to Increase Vertical Jump

Clothes Make the Fashion Victims

Improve Body Composition With Strategic Eating: Solid Protein Is the Answer

The Dieters Paradox

From Fat to Fit:Getting out of Your Own Way

The Protein Debate

Pregnant and Working Out

Time Course of Training Adaptations

Hard Work, Time, Results: ANyone Who Tells You Otherwise Is Selling Something

Post Training Nutrition

A Thought Provoking Video Abouth Youth Sports

Vertical Jump Methodology Excerpt From

How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries

Trading Skinny for Strong

Faster Land and Water

Mr Universe Turns a 100

10 Stubborn Exercise Myths That Won’t Die: Debunked by Science

You Just Have Good Genetics

Turkish Get Up Tutorials

How to Get More Comments

Are Detoxes and Cleanses Safe and Effective

Energy Fiend

Reebok: Cheat on Your Girlfriend Not on Your Workout

I Am Going Dark

Self Myofascial Release and Cardio

Did you like the articles? Don’t forget to share with me your favorite reads of the week! You know I am addicted to reading! :)