Exercises You Are Not Doing, But You Should!

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I always tell people to stick to the basics when it comes to their workouts. You don’t need to go to the gym and expect to do some fancy movement. Even though that doesn’t mean that your workouts should be boring. There are a lot of ways to make your time in the gym worth and fun. Today I will suggest you three exercises that aren’t hard to be done, but I think that they will contribute for your advance.

1.Wall climbs

This is one of my favorite exercises. At first sight it might look hard but I assure you that when you try it, it won’t be that scary. I am not gonna lie, it will make you break a sweat! J I will save you the long and confusing explanations how to perform it but I will give you the video below.

What I like about this exercise is that it involves the whole body and it is a really good stabilizing exercise. Some days you can incorporate it in your program instead of planks. Besides that it is a wonderful progression for handstand push ups. But instead of sitting hear, reading my rant, you better go to the gym and try it yourself!

2.Super Squat Hip Sequence.

Ok, I love Kelly Starrett! :) You might think, that you do not need these stretches but I assure you, that you are dead wrong! I encourage you to try and incorporate them in your pre workout stretch and most importantly on squat days! You will notice how these movements open the hip and make squatting a lot easier.

3.Prone planks

Do you do planks? Are you good at them? Probably you can hold a plank position for 3-4 minutes? In my opinion that is a waste of time. Instead of that I use other ways to make planks harder. One way is to put some plates on your back.  Besides that you could do prone planks with moving plates. Check out the video. When you advance you could use heavier plates.

And here is the dialy dose of motivation:

So what is your oppinion? Do you already incorporate this exercises in your program? If not do you intend on doing them from now on?

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Ines Subashka

Certified Personal Trainer at Inspired Fit Strong
Ines Subashka
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  • Анонимен фен:))

    Здравейте, скоро време ние всички очакваме и се надяваме на интервю с кросфитърката от снимката…..

  • http://facebook Stephanie

    Thank you, Ines! I really enjoyed your article on exercises to avoid. I have heard before that squats on the smith machine can be dangerous and should be avoided. I didn’t know about the biceps curls, but I’m glad I do now. There are SO MANY exercises, and its hard to figure out which ones are moat effective to losing weight and gaining muscle.

  • Ines Subashka

    Hello, Stephanie! So glad you enjoyed my article and that you learned something new. You are totally right that at times it is hard to know which one is good and which one could harm you! But through experience, we all learn! Keep in touch!