Do You Want Your Child to Be Healthy? Check Out HOW!

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Every parent wants to give the best education for his children. Everybody tries to think of all kinds of methods, in order to teach their kids how to behave properly, what to eat and how to live. Very few people, give it more thought and realize that the key to successful nurturing of children is self example!

I have three clients- Temenuga, Desislava and Denislav, who have children.

Two weeks ago Temenuga, took her five year old daughter to our workout. Chavdara(her daughter) spend the whole time, watching her mother, “absorbing” each movement. When the workout was over she ran to a resistant band and said she wanted to do pull ups. I helped her pull her tiny body up to the bar. After that I showed her how to do burpees. Chavdara was so excited, she left the gym with a big smile on her face.

A week later, Temenuga told me that her daughter started working out every day and she even does not wanna go to bed if she doesn’t complete her training routine! Besides that she is refusing to eat chocolate, because as she said “It Is not healthy”.

Chavdara doing her exercises at home! :)

Chavdara doing pull ups :)

Chavdara working out at home!

After his first workout with me, Denislav went back home and showed his two year old daughter, some of the exercises he did. She also became really enthusiastic about it and tried to imitate his movements. Now when he starts stretching at home, she helps him do it or does it for herself!

Why did I tell you this? I doubt it that Temenuga, Desislava or Denislav, decided to turn their kids in star athletes. Even if they do not realize it, they apply the most effective educating method -their self example!

It is not a secret for anybody, that children consider their parents to be their idols. Every kid wants to become like his parents. I myself admired my dad and mom, and I wanted to be a star basketball player as them!

Even if you do not realize it, your actions, are being strictly spied by your children. They take everything, they imitate everything and your actions, become their own!

If your child sees you are eating chips in front of the TV, try to explain him how healthy it is to be involved in sports and eat vegetables. Why would your child trust you? I wouldn’t either! If it is that healthy, why aren’t you doing what you preach?

If you want to teach your child how to do something, and you want him to really believe in your words, it is better to show him with your own actions, how it is done!

If you want your child to be healthy and involved in sports, you need to start working out! Do it just like Temenuga, Desislava and Denis did it- use self example!

What message do your actions send to your children?

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