31 Oct 2012

Leptin Resistance or Why You Are Hungry All The Time

Most people in the blogosphere, including myself, talk a lot about the connection between insulin and obesity, but we often neglect some other important factors, that play a key role in a person’s inability to lose weight! You know that there are a lot of hormones in your body. Each one of them has a […]

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30 Oct 2012

4 Myths About Grains or Why Eating Grains Isn't Good For Your Health

When somebody raises the topic about healthy eating, it is usually all about how you are supposed to eat oats, whole wheat flour, corn and other grains. When I tell somebody about my job, usually the reaction is an immediate rush to explain how he/ she eats oats for breakfast! Right then, I become green […]

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28 Oct 2012

Healthy Chocolate Avocado Pudding

It’s Sunday and it is time for another healthy, delicious recipe, that is super easy to prepare! If you’ve been eating healthy for a while, you probably think that you should deprive of tasty foods. You probably get scared of the thought that you are not gonna eat chocolate or cakes, BUT I have some […]

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26 Oct 2012

Do You Struggle with Emotional Eating? Check Out How I Managed to Quit on It and Try It Yourself!

It happens again… the weight of the day is about to crush you. The night is here and you are alone with the silence. Your confusing thoughts are fighting for predominance. The pain is trying to conquer you and take control over your actions and thoughts. A moment of desperation, which you’d love to overcome, […]

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24 Oct 2012

5 Side Effects of a Low-Carb Diet That You Should Be Aware of!

1.You will stop feeling the constant need to eat something I am sure that if you are still not eating a high fat- low carb diet, you could hardly go longer than 2-3 hours, without eating. I remember the time, when carbs used to be my main source of fuel. I was constantly staring at […]

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23 Oct 2012

What Is The Reason for Your Tilted Posture and How to Fix It with Proper Training?

Last week, in one of my posts I mentioned how you should balance your pulling and your pushing movements. After that I received a lot of questions, about exactly what I meant with this. Probably you’ve noticed that nowadays you could rarely see a person, who doesn’t have some kind of a bad posture. Some […]

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