29 Jan 2012

Raw Coconut Cookies With Avocado Cream

At times I wonder why people don’t eat healthy! They do not know how many delicious things they are missing! Real food tastes delicious, especially if you make the effort to prepare it yourself! Today I will give you another quick and delicious recipe for raw coconut cookies with cream avocado. Ingredients for 5 cookies:

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28 Jan 2012

Did You Know The Secret Behind The Best Diet And a Good Workout?

You know how they say that the more you read the more you realize you know nothing! I bet that those of you who are keen on reading understand what I am talking about. I spend a huge amount of time reading and educating myself about nutrition, workouts, human body and etc. The amount of […]

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27 Jan 2012

Michael Hristov: The Boy Who Outran His Fate!

Do you know what it is like to know about a person, you’ve never met…a person who doesn’t know about your existence, but somehow when you hear his name or some new about his accomplishments in life and in sport, your heart fills with pride? Pride that even though the world is full of pessimists, […]

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26 Jan 2012

How We Could Use The Minimalist Approach To Workouts And Nutrition?

Have you heard about minimalists? Do you know who they are? It is simple! These are people who are satisfied with living with the things they really need! No luxury, nothing unduly! Consumerism and caprice are foreign to them! What does all this have to do with workouts and nutrition? Well read…

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