25 Dec 2012

Ladies: Some Tips How to Feel Comfortable in The Weightlifting Room

I remember the first time I decided to visit the weightlifting room. I spend a lot of time, walking around the building and I couldn’t find the courage to walk inside! Until then, I have never touched weights and I did not know what to expect. When I go somewhere, I love knowing that I […]

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24 Dec 2012

Here Is The Reason Why Painful Situations From The Past, Repeat In The Future!

We are constantly repeated the idea, that what happens now and what is gonna happen in the future is pretty much a result from our past. “The past” exists, as an obtrude guest on the present. At times we do not realize it, but a big part of our views, limiting beliefs, irrational impulses and […]

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22 Dec 2012

45 Things Worth Reading

I guess that the end of the world postponed for a little bit, so today it is time for my favorite reads of the week! The past week has been really busy, because besides my usual activities I had a couple exams, which explains the shorter list of favorite reads for this week! But don’t […]

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