You can't fix a body you hate

You can't fix a body you hate!

This afternoon I was reading a fitness forum, when I stumbled over a post from a girl that has been trying for years to lose weight; she has tried every fad diet that there is out there and she has never come close to the way she wants to look. The only thing that her destructive diets do is lower her self esteem, provoking self-hatred and negative thoughts. That made me wonder what could be the right way out of the enchanted circle she has prisoned herself. Is it that she is not disciplined enough? Or she is just following the wrong diet? Or is the solution somewhere far from the world of exercise and nutrition? Could it be her mind, that is stopping her from reaching her goals? I’d say YES! The truth is that you can’t fix a body you hate! True beauty comes from loving yourself! When you feed your mind with negative self talk and words of self denial, you are interfering with your progress!

In my experience I’ve come to realize that people who feel great and perform great, usually look great as a consequence from their positive mindset. Stop for a second and ask yourself. What if in this moment you could have the body, you’ve dreamed about for so long? Would that make you happy? Would that make you feel better? I doubt it! And you know why? Not because I question everything! Not because I do not have faith in you, but because I am sure that your problem isn’t your appearance. Truth is your problem is hidden somewhere deeper. It might be your insecurity! Your denial to change your mindset,the denial to face your fears or chase your dreams,addressing it towards changing your body! But guess what? Even if you look stunning on the outside, it won’t make you feel good on the inside!

So instead of giving yourself a hard time for being a few pounds heavier and making the mirror and the disapproval you have for your body the center of your life…CHANGE YOUR GOALS! Instead focus on the way you perform! Set a goal, either it is going to be to make a new PR by the end of the month or to be able to make double unders, handstands, pistols or whatever you wish…put everything you’ve got towards reaching that goal.And when you get there, I promise you that you will wake up one morning, look yourself in the mirror and feel the happiest. You will realize that not only your performance is where you wanted it to be, but you now have the dreamed body and it all took place while you weren’t paying attention!


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    I think you should be positive about your body at every time. If there is a will in your mind then you can achieve the hardest feet in your life. So be Positive and take the proper guidance and tips from well trained professionals regarding your diet and daily exercise along with some yoga and meditation.