The Difference Between a Quitter and a Fighter

Be anything you a fighter!

The difference between a quitter and a fighter

The quitter waits for the outcome, while the fighter makes the outcome.

When things get tough the quitter finds an excuse, while the fighter finds a solution.

The quitter allows people’s negative talk to make him give up, while the fighter uses people’s negative talk to improve.

The quitter is afraid he might succeed, while the fighter gives his all to achieve!

The quitter needs others to believe in him, while the fighter has faith in himself.

The quitter will give anything to be praised, while the fighter will give anything to help others be praised.

The quitter talks more and acts less, while the fighter stays quiet and works hard.

When hope is out of sight the quitter crawls and whines, while the fighter keeps still and stands for his belief.

The quitters sit in the present and passively dreams for the future, while the fighter acts today, so he can build up tomorrow.

In hard times the quitter betrays his teammates, to save himself, while the fighter denies himself to save his teammates.

The quitter stops when he gets tired, while the fighter pushes his hardest.

The quitter doubts the triumph, while the fighter foresees it.

The quitter begs for appreciation, while the fighter knows what he is worth!

The quitter gives in to his weakness, while the fighter overcomes it every single time.

The quitter relies on luck to improve, while the fighter relies on work!

The quitter “poisons” with inferiority everything he touches, while the fighter leaves pieces of his glory everywhere he goes.

The quitter needs somebody to push them work hard, while the fighter is out there busting his ass off when nobody is watching.

The quitter thinks he lacks luck, while he lacks will. The fighter shows will and the luck finds him alone.

If the quitter can’t win, he entails down his brothers. When the fighter can’t win, he makes the fellow in front of him break the record.

The quitter is a looser and stays a looser, while the fighter is a looser who refused to quit, failed and got up, failed again and got up one more time till he won.

With every passing day the quitter sees his goals further, while the fighter gets closer to reaching them.

The quitter let’s doubt turn him down, while the fighter turns doubt in motivation.

The quitter let’s life control him, while the fighter controls his life.

The quitter lives with regret, while the fighter lives with success.

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