How often do you feel part of something bigger than yourself?

I have mentioned before about the group practices I have. They are called “Workouts for machines”. I have different people coming to workout with me- some are athletes, others never workout in their lives, some want to lose weight or just bring some fun in their busy daily schedule… The other night I went to the group workout and I felt tired or even overwhelmed. As “the machines” started coming, the negative thoughts were leaving my head one by one…

The workout began! I was standing there at the stadium, in the darkness and the cold was stabbing me. Suddenly the place of sad feeling was taken by something that can’t be described, something that can’t be expressed with words. When was the last time that you felt part of something bigger than yourself? When was the last time your heart filled with happiness and pride, not because of your own accomplishments, but because of the accomplishment of somebody else?

I was standing there, looking at “the machines”. I thought what it actually feels like to be a coach… Even though it is hard to express it in words, as words belittle things…here is where I made it…

When you accomplish something, my heart feels up with pride, because it feels as I am the one accomplishing!

When you rise above the limits you put to yourself, I feel happiness and relieve as I am the one that won over the limitations!

When you feel tired, and you feel like giving up, but still manage to finish the WOD, I feel satisfaction, as I am the one that didn’t quit!

When you finish the WOD faster than the last time, when you flip the bigger tire or do swings with the heavier kettlebell, this motivates me to want more not only from you, but from myself too!

When I see the desire you put in your workouts, you feed my desire to workout!

When you stay after practice to work on your weaknesses, I feel a feeling of admiration, because you remind me what is the price of success!

How often do you feel a part of something bigger than yourself! I am happy to experience it every single day!