10 Habits Fit People Have

Image: Renata Kotua

1.Fit people don’t make excuses. Fit people don’t whine how tired, sad or hungry they feel. They don’t whine how life is hard, unfair and evil. Fit people know that when you truly want something, you find a way to get it. If you have an obstacle in front of you, you will either find a way to get through it, or find a way around it!

2.Fit people have priorities. Fit people find time for what they think is important. They manage to fit in their schedule-their jobs, workouts, meals, time for kids and spouse, time for chore and so on.

3.Fit people eat real food all the time. If they know they won’t find it, they bring it themselves. They take the time to prepare their food, because they are aware how bad food choices reflect our health and performance!

4.Fit people give their best. Fit people push themselves as hard as they can, every time they can!

5.Fit people don’t live to eat-they eat to live. Fit people don’t sit in front of the TV eating chips; don’t go to the cinema and eat pop corn; don’t go out and eat pizza. When they need to have fun, they go out and have fun; they do not feel their emotional emptiness with food!

6.Fit people prefer to get their calories from real food– not liquid sweetened beverages. When thirsty fit people drink water. They don’t wait in front of the vending machine to get a can of soda. They know how important water is for our body in order to function well. They know that soda has additional calories which add up with every sip.

7.Fit people are surrounded by people that support them. Fit people know that you can excel only when you have somebody to teach you when you don’t know; help you, when you need; and be hard on you when he should!

8.Fit people stop when they are full– they don’t keep on eating, just because it tastes delicious.

9.Fit people lift weights– they know that endless cardio won’t take them far.

10.Fit people do what they don’t like, in order to get better and improve. Fit people don’t cherry pick their WODs. They work on their weaknesses so they can turn them in strengths!

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