30 Nov 2011

The missing link- what do you forget in the gym?

There is a lot written about different workout methods and routines, but there is one important thing that usually stays in the shade- stretching! Most of us know the importance of stretching, but we rarely take the time to do it! Today I am gonna focus specifically on post work out stretching. How often do […]

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26 Nov 2011

What Is Gonna Happen? It Is Your Own Choice!

You could choose this for breakfast… …but you could choose this instead: You could have something like that for lunch… …but why not choose this: You could drink soda: But why not choose water? You could spend your free time doing this: …but why not do this instead? You could always go by car… …or […]

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25 Nov 2011

Interview with Brandon Conner

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself. Brandon Conner: My name is Brandon Conner. IS:  How long have you being doing crossfit? BC: I have been Crossfitting since August 2008. IS: Have you been involved in some other sports before that? BC: Before Crossfit I was an APF powerlifter. 661 back squat, 365 bench press, & 578 deadlift, at […]

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24 Nov 2011

Feel fat? Let's find out why!

A couple weeks ago I wrote the article “You are more than a number”, when a reader wrote me, accusing me that I am encouraging women to stay obese. Tell you the truth I am far from the idea of convincing somebody to be fat or obese. Actually I am more about balance and being […]

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